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Our knees are vulnerable to many diseases and conditions. Bone and joint problems are among the most disabling and costly medical issues. Normally, all parts of the knee work together in harmony. But sports, work injuries, arthritis, or weakening of the tissues with age can cause wear and inflammation, resulting in pain and diminished knee function. About 7 crore Indians are suffering from knee related problems. 40% of people over 70 years suffer from Knee Osteoarthritis (OA). Doctors often first recommend nonsurgical methods like specific exercises or anti-inflammatory medicines. Sometimes, surgery is the most effective way to relieve symptoms, pain and get back mobility again. Knee replacement surgery is a highly successful (90-95%) and safe procedure. Dr.Premkumar V is one of the renowned orthopaedic (Knee & Hip Replacement) surgeon in Kerala,India, who is using advanced technologies for the total Joint replacement surgeries.